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February 27, 2007

A Long One-Sided Conversation

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 So I called my Dad today-well, not today today.  It’s 2am-it’s only been today for two hours, and if I call my dad after 10 someone should be in serious trouble, or I will be very shortly afterwards. Anyway, I meant today as in since I slept last-and this was our conversation:

Me:  You remember when I used to play the same song all day on the piano and hold long drawn out pointless conversations that were 95% one sided?

 Dad:  You mean yesterday? [Sarcasm is genetic]

Me:  No when I was six.

Dad:  Oh, cause you did that yesterday too.  My bad.

Me:  But do you remember?

Dad:  Yesterday?

Me:  No, when I was six.

Dad:  Vaguely.  That was a loooong time ago.

Me:  I know.  And what with your senility kicking in I realize it may be difficult for you to remember that long ago. [My dad turned 41 in January]

Dad:  Yeah well, I’ll just use yesterday as a reference point.

Me:  Good, so you remember.

Dad:  Sure, why?

Me:  And you remember how you didn’t yell or pull out all your hair or kill me?

Dad:  Rings a bell.

Me:  I just wanted to say thanks.  That was mighty big of you.

Dad:  My pleasure.  I had to let you live long enough to be on the recieving end.  It was totally worth it.

Me:  Always happy to make you happy.

Dad:  Not always.  You were a teenager once.

Me:  Yeah, sorry about that.

Dad:  Eh, we all lived through it to see you have one of your own.  Aren’t we thrilled!

Me:  Thrilled.

Dad:  Speaking of monkey boy…[proceed to 35 minutes of talking about the baby]

The funny part is, during the rest of the day while my son was “playing” his electric piano and re-telling the Odessey in Klingon, I thought about how wonderful it will be to have that conversation with him someday.

Life is wonderful.


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