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March 19, 2007

Extended Leave of Absence

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I am SOOO sorry that I haven’t been able to post in a while.  I have been busy like you wouldn’t believe.  Nothing “blog or die” to write about at the moment either, so I have been on hiatus (I can’t spell it, but I can still do it).

Don’t worry though-it will be a short hiatus.  I will be back tomarrow for To Do about Tuesdays, and plan on doing WFMW and Frugal Fridays this week too.  ON TIME even.  (Well, that’s the goal.)

Update: Yeah, this week really isn’t working for me either.  I am sooo sorry.  I will explain later.  Blogs to come, I promise.


March 16, 2007

$2 Birthday Cake*Frugal Fridays*

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If you’re like me, you worry about how much things cost, but you feel bad when you worry about the price of things when it comes to your kids.  You want to get them the best, but you know there are some things your wallet just can’t take-like a $40 birthday cake for your toddler’s birthday.

The good news is you can make a yummy, nice looking birthday cake for really cheap.   You start with things that you have-eggs, food coloring, vegetable oil-and you can buy what you

need-in my case cake mix and frosting-from the dollar store.  I know, I know-but really, most things at the dollar store (providing they are not expired) taste just as good as anything else you might buy for several dollars more.

Okay, you say, you made the cake-now what?  Frosting.  And frosting is the best part-not to mention the most fun.

Make sure that your cake is all the way cooled off before you start to frost it so that your frosting doesn’t get goopy.  When I’m in a tight crunch I put the cake (still in the pan) in the freezer for about five minutes to cool it down.  Then, I flip the cake out of the pan so that the bottom is on the top and put it back in the freezer for another minute or two.  (You can make a cake easier to flip out of the pan by making a really good coating of butter/margerine in the cake pan and then dusting it with flour or pancake mix-you can use pancake mix for a lot of things!)

The bonus for flipping the cake over is that you can use the bottom of the cake as your frosting canvas and the bottom is flat, while the top may be rounded or have cracks in it.  Anyway, once your cake is cooled you can start to frost.  What I like to do is to put a big glop of frosting right in the middle of the cake and then spread it out to the sides.  If you use your frosting at room temperature instead of from the refridgerator, you can get your cake to look pretty evenly coated by doing it this way-and give it a smooth looking surface by lightly dragging a flat spatula over the top.

If you want to put a decorative scene on your cake, that’s where the food coloring comes in.  You will also need either pastery bags or zip lock bags.  (If you’re using zip lock bags, I recommend the small ones, however big ones are doable as well.)  All you have to do is cut diagnally on the very tip of one of the bottom corners of the zip lock.  I don’t recommend cutting more than just a tiny tiny bit, because the smaller the hole the more control you will have over the frosting.  When you make the cut you should end up with a triangle of plastic left over.

Decide on the design you want and think about the colors you’ll need to mix with your frosting to create the colors you want.  Once you make the colors you want put them into the zip lock or pastery bag then design away!

Here is the cake that I made my son for his 3rd birthday.  It is chocolate with cream cheese frosting.  With the supplies that I already had, I paid a TOTAL of two dollars for this cake:


Not bad for $2, eh?

For more frugal tips visit Biblical Womanhood.

March 14, 2007

Okay, Okay, Last One

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I have been thinking about what I should do since this is a mommy blog, and I don’t want to overwhelm it with political debate. 

Answer?  Make another blog.

If you would like to get more information about Ron Paul, why I support him, how I am supporting him, or you would like to help, please visit my new political blog.

Now on with the mommying.

More Information

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If you are serious about voting/politics and curious about Ron Paul good news [from]:

“Congressman Ron Paul has accepted Nancy Reagan’s invitation to participate in a presidential debate to be held at the Reagan Presidential Library on May 3, 2007MSNBC will moderate and televise the 90-minute debate starting at 5:00 p.m. ET.  The debate will also be simulcast by to give citizens the opportunity to submit questions online.” [Emphasis mine]

So mark your calanders because not only can you watch this debate and see how Ron Paul feels about these issues, but you can submit your questions to him online!!!  I WILL be doing this-I hope you do too!

 ::UPDATE:: To view more information about Ron Paul, why I support him, how I’m supporting him, or how you can help, go here.

March 13, 2007

WFMW Gets Political

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Before I post about my own political persuasions and such, I would just like to say for the record that I absolutely support people’s right to feel however they feel about politics, be of whatever persuasion they choose, and disagree with any or all of what I believe.  I also want to say that I am not trying to start any fights or upset anyone, and I don’t intend for my blog to cause controversy.  I do believe, however, that politics play a crucial part of our lives, and I feel that this post is necissary for myself.  As always, feel free to disagree politely 😀

I believe that moms are a great force among society.  They are a huge part of the demographics that make up America.  It is an absolute fact that advertisers know if they want to sell something to families they have to market it to mom. 

And there is nothing more important out there that we are being “sold” on than politics.  We have politicians vying for our ear and our support-as women and as mothers.  I believe it is our duty to make responsible and thurough decisions when electing the leaders who will be shaping the world for our children and our grandchildren, and that it appeals to our conscience to find someone who represents what we believe in. 

Let me start by giving you some background on what I believe politically.  Although up until this point I have been registered independant, my leanings were most closesly aligned with the Liberetarian party.  Liberatarians basically believe that people should have absolute freedom as long as they do not use it to impose on the rights and freedoms of others (eg-It isn’t your right to steal from people, because then you are taking away their right to own property.)   However, the best way to explain what I believe is to simply say this.  I believe in the Constitution  and in the Bill of Rights absolutely and whole heartedly.  I think that they are the founding documents of our society and that the farther we get away from what is written in them, the more astray our country goes.

I am pro-life, pro-securing our borders, pro-soldier, pro-business, and pro-capitalism.  I am anti-imperialism, anti-world government, and anti-consolidated federal power.  But above all I am pro-personal liberties and believe that every person is guaranteed by contract (also known as the constitution) to the rights laid out therein.  The right to make their own decisions without the federal government or world government stepping in.

Based on my political beliefs I started the search for who exactly I was going to vote for in 2008.  And at first, the pool seemed slim and slimy.  I can honestly tell you, if it were down to the people who were “in” the race as of two days ago I would have had no choice except NOT to vote, because I couldn’t look myself in the face knowing that my vote could have put one of them in office. 

Then I ran across Ron Paul.  I had no idea who this guy was.  Appearantly his is already a representative from Texas.  This is actually beneficial in my eyes, because that means I can look up his voting record-which I did.  I have spent a couple days not saying anything but just researching this guy from top to bottom, and I can tell you this.

Ron Paul works for me, and has my vote in 2008.  Please, check out his stance on the issues and see if he works for you.  Remember, moms and women in general have a lot of pull in the political world-use it to make it better for our kids! 

For those who are concerned about voting Independant or Liberetarian, like Alli, GOOD NEWS!  Ron Paul is actually running for GOP (Republican) nomination.  I am sure, like you, he realizes the gamble associated with running for a third party.  I guess this means, I’m going to have to register Republican for the primaries…..

::UPDATE::For more information about how you can get more information go here for updates!

::UPDATE2::I have completed a basic blog about Ron Paul, his policies, why I support him, and what I am doing to support him.  If you would like information, or would like to help support please visit here.

[For more WFMW, visit Rocks in My Dryer]

To Do About Tuesday

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3 years and 10 months ago I did something great without even knowing it.  Something that would change my life forever in the best way possible.  I was going to have a baby! 

Today’s To Do is all about my baby turning 3! 

Happy Birthday Monkey!!!!!


As every mommy knows it is quite the To Do when your child celebrates a birthday.  If you’re anything like me, you want to document everything, because each birthday reminds you that they will never be that small again.  On my son’s first birthday, I started something that is now a tradition, and I wanted to share it with my bloggy friends because I think it is an excellent idea.  All traditions are excellent ideas in my book.

Every year I write my son a letter.   About anything-what’s happened in the past year, what I am thinking now that he is ____ years old, how much he’s grown up, all the things he accomplished-I just write.  I intend to give them to him when he gets married so that he can get ideas about starting a tradition of his own with his children, maybe even the same one.

This is my letter to my son on his third birthday. [Edited to remove the names and personal information of the guilty, innocent, and people in between.]

Dear Monkey,

Every time your birthday rolls around I am more and more amazed how much time has gone by.  Maybe that’s because you just keep getting older and bigger.  This year was a very long but rewarding year. 

Last year at this time we were having your second birthday party and you had just started feeding yourself (not because you couldn’t before but because you can be the very definition of obstinant) and this year you not only feed yourself but know your entire alphabet, count to ten, know almost any animal and what sound it makes, help me get you dressed, are in the process  of getting potty trained, love to read, speak in sentences often, know some colors, and draw quite beautifully for a three year old.  You are remarkably smart and talented, but I’ve always told you that haven’t I?

This year we relocated from our lovely home town to a place that I realize now you will probably consider your home town.  It’s a very strange thought to think that you will not grow up where your dad and I did-that you may not even see the place that you were born except a couple of times a year when we visit relatives.  While you are completely oblivious to the move, we are still adjusting, though I’m sure we’ll learn to like it here.  Your dad is now working for a great company, and that means that I finally get to stay home with you-we’re very excited about that these days.

When I think about your third birthday, it makes me think about when you were born-that seems long ago even now!  I am sure that I have told you many times, probably in your teenage years, about when you were born.  What I said was true though.  You were 20 3/4 inches long and only 7 pounds 14 ounces.  You were so tiny you had to wear premie clothes home from the hospital and fit between my elbow and my finger tips.  Of course I was in active labor 23 hours and 47 minutes and you had a 14.5 inch head-you’ll understand when you and your wife have children.  All you need to know is that means I love you very much.  I was so proud of you, and amazed by you, and loved you more than I could ever say and that feeling only gets stronger every day.

I realize that you are getting big.  You are already over half as tall as I am!  You are forming your own likes and dislikes, making your own habits, and becoming more independant every day.  I know now that you are three I will have to make sure I stop calling you “the baby” in public, because you truely aren’t a baby any more.

However, in my heart, you will always be my baby.  You have been since the day you were born, and you will be for the rest of my life.  I am so proud of you, and I love you very much.

With all my heart,

Your mom

March 11, 2007

A Story I Will Tell

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You know when your child does something and you think to yourself  “Someday, when they are older and are dating…maybe when they get married or have children…but someday I will tell this story because it is hilarious and will remind me of how cute they once were.” ?

I had a moment today.

I mentioned in an earlier post about how the baby is sick today.  And of course, with being sick comes being grumpy.  Well right before nap today he had a total meltdown (hence nap following soon afterward).  He threw himself on the ground and started weeping.  Not throwing a fit.  Weeping like his tiny three year old heart was broken in a thousand pieces and cutting the inside of his torso.  So of course I get down on the ground and gather him up in my arms and try to calm him down.  I do the normal rock-and-its-okay that all moms do when their babies are crying, and he calms down to the point where he is only hiccuping his tears-so I ask him “What’s a matter baby?”

And do you know what he says?

“Sp…” *sniffle* “Sponge please mommy” and starts to wail again.  I am very confused, so I want to clarify  “You want a sponge baby?  Do you mean blanket?”

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” *sniffle* [WAIL!]

At this point I would give him anything to cheer him up, he need only name his price.  [It’s that horrible mommy guilt for “letting” your baby get sick and miserable like.]

“Blue sponge.  Blue.  Sponge. Pleeeeeeeease!” He gets out of my lap and goes to the drawer where I keep the extra sponges and points and cries.

So I pull out a [clean-never-used] blue sponge and the poor little monkey clutches it to his chest like it’s his long lost best friend.  Then he reaches one hand up (the universal sign for “pick me up now”) and says “Okay, night night momma.”

He carried that sponge around all day.

And I WILL be sharing this story with anyone who will stand still once my son is all grown up.

So. Wicked. Cool.

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I saw this at pensieve’s blog and I had to do it!  Mine won’t show up on wordpress all pretty like hers, but the link works 🙂  Let me know if you do your own, ’cause I would love to see it!

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

Sick of Illness

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Poor, poor, poor, poor little pooh bear!  He is sooooo sick!  And I feel just awful because I gave it to him. [Good job mommy.]  I gave him a cold and of course it magnified like a thousand times because he is a baby.  (Well maybe not a baby, but he’s MY baby and he is only just under 3!)  Plus I feel extra-rotten because he is probably going to be sick on his 3rd birthday (Tuesday) and that means that no one can come over and he can’t have cake and ice cream.

He has been sick for ever four days, and it just keeps getting worse and worse.  For the last two days he doesn’t even want to eat.  I had to fight him to get him to eat a few nibbles of a waffle, one animal cracker, and half a banana.   Of course, I’ve been freaking out trying to get him to eat anything, but all he wants is juice-so I pump him full of liquids.  He has had more liquid in the last 4 days than he has had in the previous 6 months of his life.  Juice, and tea, and water, and pedialyte….his cough is terrible and he’s been running a low grade fever the whole time.  And as of yesterday he’s even developed the super poo (diarhea).

Oh, and he’s been waking up in the night like he hasn’t since he was 6 months old.  I’m serious-he has been waking up every two hours for the last four days.  Let me tell you something-when you haven’t done that in two and a half years, you get a little out of shape and you’re not quite able to “bounce back” from horribly interrupted sleep like you used to. 

I am getting sick of illness!  My symptoms?  Stomach pain from constant worrying, headache from constant wakefulness, and sore muscles from “sleeping” on the couch in a state of fire fighter like readiness. 

It has psychological symptoms too.  Sleep deprivation and constant worrying manifests in me as a loss of inner dialouge (talking to myself out loud),  attention span gaps (staring into space and “thinking” about nothing), and being mentally unable to distinguish why it is NOT okay to call my parents/inlaws/sister/hunny upwards of 3 times a day (sorry guys!). 

I should be greatful that my son hasn’t gotten really sick like this since he was about 5 months old, but I just want my baby to feel better soon, and it is making me crazy!  I don’t know how people with children that actually get sick like normal kids (once or twice a year) do it!

Why do I Blog? Let Me Count the Reasons…

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Why do I blog?  The question was put to me by my lovely fellow mommy blogger Karen.  While I did post recently about social dysfunction as a catalyst for blogging I thought that it would be well worth while coming up with some other reasons I love it.  Well, really I am only going to count 5 reasons unless I suddenly have an epiphany of some sort and absolutely must put a sixth reason on here.  I don’t predict that coming up.  We’ll see…I could change my mind in the next five minutes (I have been known to change it that fast and faster!).

In no particular order:

5.  I love talking to other moms with children my age, but I don’t always like the moms that live around me.  (I know, shock!)  The truth is, I’m kind of afraid of my neighbor because I can always hear her yelling through my ceiling/her floor and she sounds kind of “intense” to say the least.  So I get the benefits of socializing without the pressure to get out of my pjs or listen to someone yell at me.

4.  Blogging is a good “time out” when I need it.  Sometimes I get so centered around my son that I don’t realize there is a giant stress knot building in my neck until I am practically paralyzed.  Not to mention that sometimes-only sometimes-I like to think about things that are not preschooler related.  I like to interact with people who’s favorite shows are NOT  Veggi Tales, Finding Nemo, Dora the Explorer, or Bob the Builder.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore my son in every way.  But when he is napping, or down for the night, somtimes I like to interact with adults as an “intermission” to all-day-all-the-time baby interaction.

3.  Hubby is gone on business, and I can’t sleep without him.  In my defense, I haven’t been adjusted to sleeping by myself since we got together 4 years, 4 months, and 4 days ago (but who’s counting?).  I can pass out from exhaustion (and I have!) but I just can’t bring myself to lay down, close my eyes, and go to sleep.  I usually can lay down, but once I try to close my eyes I get all these sad missing the hunny thoughts and I have to get up and do something.  Then I discovered that late-night television is BAD! You can only watch so many commercials for “the magic bullet food processor” before you you go nuts “in only three easy steps!”.

2.  Information.  It is absolutely CRAZY the amount of information you can get on blogs!  It’s great to be able to get information (like kitchen tips from WFMW at Rocks in my Dryer) and share information that I have (like yummy crock pot recipes, which seems to have gone over well).  I’m glad we mommies have a place to stick together and share all of our tips and secrets.  It makes it easier to live our day to day lives-and everyone knows what makes mommy happy makes EVERYONE happy.

1. Inspiration.  Almost every day, I find something in the bloggy world that makes me laugh, makes me cry, and makes me have the warm fuzzies.  I love hearing stories from other moms that make me understand my son better.  I also love getting tips from people who know more about subjects than I do.  I am not an expert on very many things!  For instance, my MIL’s blog which has opened up the ability for me to be “fashion concious” in even the vaguest and least effective of ways.  I love hearing from people who have something important to say, even if it’s “just” the best way to organize your pantry (which I think is a great tip to have in your arsenal!).  If everyone blogs about what they know, we can all get together with our “words from the wise” and get more done, more effectively, and get a great sense of community along with it.

I realize that the last two are very similar, but I think that they are slightly different-and that’s what counts! 

When I look at my responses though, it looks like it can all be boiled down to the fact that I am in need of adult interaction with other moms to give me tips and inspire me throughout the day.  I could have said that in one sentance.  I just did.   But then you wouldn’t have gotten to read this post.

*Thanks Karen for letting me know I can tag other people.  I would be interested in hearing from Amy H. and Jeana on this topic!

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