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March 3, 2007

Speaking of Party…..

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I am so excited I am just beyond myself-today is the day.  Mark it on your calender.  Okay, so maybe not on your calender-but this is certainly a momentous occasion in my book!  My baby (who will be 3 in less than two weeks) PEED IN THE POTTY TODAY!  I am happy overjoyed enraptured……words cannot explain how happy I am for my son (and us!).  HE actually told US that he had to go potty, opened the bathroom door and walked in, then I sat with him and turned the sink on (to promote faster peeing for shorter attention spans) while we read his favorite book-and he totally did it!  I am very proud of all of us.

It was really a team effort.

 Plus, he was so excited about how we reacted (with JOYOUSNESS) that he went potty again before he went to bed.

And yet…… I a totally horrible person for feeling just a little sad?  He is my baby, after all.  Only now he’s not a baby anymore.  (Okay, so this may not be a recent development-I’ve been told he “isn’t a baby” for at least a year now.)  But now he’s like an actual walking, talking, almost-self-pottying, boy in a short body.  I know this is completely self-centered of me, but I am sad that he is growing up so fast.  Every time I see him do something new like this, I just remember when he was an infant.  How little he was, and how wonderful he smelled, and how brand new he was…..

I am proud of him-very much so-but I think that I will always be sad when my baby grows up in some way, because that makes him less and less of a baby.  Oh well-I’ll be proud on the outside.  The “sad mommy with attachment issues” thing will just be between us.


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