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March 3, 2007

The Party Keeps On Going….

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There is a special kind of party I like to have about once a month, and I invite you all to join.  It is not for the faint of heart, or the paranoid packrat, but is a LOT of fun (kind of) and keeps your house looking a LOT more tidy and organized (really!).

I call it “Black Bagging” my house, but for the purposes of The Ultimate Blog Party week we will call it “The Black Bag Party”.  Here’s what you do-buy “super industrial size” black garbage bags (I usually buy 30 gallon bags).  Then, go through your entire house and THROW EVERYTHING AWAY. 

Okay, maybe not everything.  My general rule is I am not going to use it within the next month or in case of an emergancy and/or it doesn’t “have a home” it goes. 

To clarify if an object “has a home” ask yourself this-where do I put this item when I put it away?  Is it blocking something else when I put it there? Is it getting in the way of me doing something?  When I put it in it’s “home” does it look like clutter rather than something that has been put away?  If you answer yes to the last three questions, it’s probably better to just toss/donate it.

Let’s talk examples. Books.  Books are hard to categorize, since you don’t often read them once a month (except the really good ones).  However, do your books have a home on the bookshelf that is out of the way and doesn’t bother anybody or get in the way?  If they do, why not keep it?  Just make sure they go where their home is. 

If you find something that you really want to keep (I do this all the time!) but that has no home and no purpose, I will MAKE a home for it.  I just got files and started putting all the “loose paper” drawings my son did in the file.  Am I going to use them in the next month or in case of an emergancy?  No.  But now they have an out-of-the-way home.  [I wouldn’t have thrown them away anyway.] 

So in conclusion-if you have nothing better to do today and would like to get organized/tidy join me in my Black Bag Party of the day!!!

First stop, my computer desk…….


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