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March 6, 2007

*To Do About Tuesday*

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 Today I am horribly behind, it being 10:05 Pacific Time right now as I type.  I apologize for posting this so late-I usually post the regulars (To Do about Tuesday, WFMW, and Frugal Friday) in the wee morning hours so that its available for everyone first thing in the morning.  I guess it’s technically still morning…….

Anyway, on to “To Do About Tuesday”.


Sometimes in the day to day hubub of kid wrangling and house keeping, men get lost or forgotten in the mix.  It’s easy to do, especially when the kids are requiring extra attention.  But there will always be something with the kids-they’ll get sick, or be grumpy, or have “one of those days” when they’re throwing fits at a thousand miles an hour.

 I always try to remember two things.

One: The child that I love and focus on so much is actually a gift from God and my other half, and I should show my appreciation to both on a daily basis.

Two: Before our son, there was us.  After all of our children are gone, it will just be us.  My committment to my children is to love them and teach them so that someday they will be able to have lives and children of their own, but my commitment to my other half is to love and follow him all of my life.

I am not saying that I love my son less than I love his dad, I am just saying it’s in a different way. 

Well DUH, you say, of course it’s different.  But think about it.  Sometimes, when you get really busy and distracted, you end up loving your husband (and treating your husband) the way that you do your children.  It’s easy to do when you’re overwhelmed or tired or extra busy.

So this week’s “To Do about Tuesday” is going to be a list of ways you can focus on your husband and show him that you love him.  I’ll start off the list, but if anyone has things to add, feel free to jot them here.  It’s always good to find new ways to tell your husband you love him.

Here are some things I do:

*Say the words “I Love You” at least once a day.  I know it seems simple, but after a while, it might not happen every day unless you put some thought into it.  Then eventually, it might not happen every week….and so on and so on. 

*Thank your husband at least once a day.  For anything.  Find something that you really appreciate, and let him know even if it’s small-thanks for taking out the garbage or thanks for being in such a good mood can go a long way to letting him know that he is appreciated.

*Give your husband sincere compliments as often as you can.  Men, in my experience, don’t like compliments for the sake of compliments like women often do.   But a sincere compliment can make his day. 

*Do something just for him every day.  Make his favorite dinner, or buy his favorite magazine for him [I can never go wrong with a car magazine].  Even something as simple as putting his slippers by the door, so he can wear them right when he walks in lets him know you are thinking of him.

*Do something romantic.  I think women too often expect men to do the romantic part.  [Hey, I’m guilty of that too.]  But after talking with my other half, he assures me that if I start it, he’ll finish it.  Somtimes he just gets too busy to have that kind of initiative.  So buy your husband flowers or a card or his favorite candy.  Put the kids to bed and watch a movie, even a late-night TV movie.  (Sometimes those are the most fun.)  Talk about your days, and go from there.  [My favorite.]

*Ask his opinion and/or ask for his advice.  Even on something little.  All you have to do is instead of asking your mother, or your girlfriend, or your blogging buddies-ask him.  This lets him know that you respect his opinion, and respect is very important to men.  Men need respect like women need affection.

*Write a love note.  I have started emailing him once a day with little things that I love about him.  It’s a good way to show that you are thinking of him, and I’m sure husbands appreciate that while their stressing at work.  If you have time to blog, you probably have five or six minutes to write him an email.

These are just my ideas, and the things that I do.  How do you make your other half feel special?



  1. Oh, I really know what you mean here! I do end up treating him like the kids. In my world, it all becomes chores I have to get done. (I wish I could change that WHOLE perspective…soon!) My biggest problem is thanking him. I know there are a lot of things he does to make ME feel special, but I don’t return the ‘favor’ – or even acknowledge it sometimes.

    Thanks for the reminder!! (The Man thanks you, too!)

    Comment by Amy H — March 6, 2007 @ 1:57 pm

  2. Not at all, always glad to help 😀

    Comment by mrslady — March 6, 2007 @ 2:14 pm

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