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March 7, 2007

This Party Rocks!

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I just have to say that.  This week has been a fabulous week!  Today, we hit a blog-view high with 255 views so far.  Also-we have JUPMED the 1,000 mark overnight!  Our total recorded views stand at 1,070 as of right now-YAY!

I really want to say thank you to everyone who visits my blog, and to everyone that keeps coming back!  It has been a blast so far chit-chatting and sharing stories and looking at your blogs as well!

In other blog news, I have posted the new Hot Topics! as promised.  Until I figure out a formatting solution, you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the comments to see the newest Topic [sorry about that].  I have some topics posted that I am pretty excited to get feedback on. 

*You can go to the Pregnancy Hot Topics! and share your feelings about the new4-D ultrasounds (are they neat and handy, or over exposing babies to potential ultrasound effects?).

*In the Under 5 topic, you can post about how you treat your young child’s colds-what have you found to be most effective?

*On the 5-12 Year Olds page is (I think) the most interesting topic: when and how do you do the birds and bees talk? 

*And last, but certainly not least, on the Teenagers Hot Topics! we’re talking about teenage rebellion-is it a phase or is it something you can avoid?

I look forward to hearing all of your feedback on these Hot Topics!~I’m sure you all will have some awesome insights! 

Also-I am currently formulating the “something cool” to do in celebration of meeting 1,000 views……..I think I’m going to do a participation post….hmmmm……check back later. 🙂

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