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March 13, 2007

To Do About Tuesday

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3 years and 10 months ago I did something great without even knowing it.  Something that would change my life forever in the best way possible.  I was going to have a baby! 

Today’s To Do is all about my baby turning 3! 

Happy Birthday Monkey!!!!!


As every mommy knows it is quite the To Do when your child celebrates a birthday.  If you’re anything like me, you want to document everything, because each birthday reminds you that they will never be that small again.  On my son’s first birthday, I started something that is now a tradition, and I wanted to share it with my bloggy friends because I think it is an excellent idea.  All traditions are excellent ideas in my book.

Every year I write my son a letter.   About anything-what’s happened in the past year, what I am thinking now that he is ____ years old, how much he’s grown up, all the things he accomplished-I just write.  I intend to give them to him when he gets married so that he can get ideas about starting a tradition of his own with his children, maybe even the same one.

This is my letter to my son on his third birthday. [Edited to remove the names and personal information of the guilty, innocent, and people in between.]

Dear Monkey,

Every time your birthday rolls around I am more and more amazed how much time has gone by.  Maybe that’s because you just keep getting older and bigger.  This year was a very long but rewarding year. 

Last year at this time we were having your second birthday party and you had just started feeding yourself (not because you couldn’t before but because you can be the very definition of obstinant) and this year you not only feed yourself but know your entire alphabet, count to ten, know almost any animal and what sound it makes, help me get you dressed, are in the process  of getting potty trained, love to read, speak in sentences often, know some colors, and draw quite beautifully for a three year old.  You are remarkably smart and talented, but I’ve always told you that haven’t I?

This year we relocated from our lovely home town to a place that I realize now you will probably consider your home town.  It’s a very strange thought to think that you will not grow up where your dad and I did-that you may not even see the place that you were born except a couple of times a year when we visit relatives.  While you are completely oblivious to the move, we are still adjusting, though I’m sure we’ll learn to like it here.  Your dad is now working for a great company, and that means that I finally get to stay home with you-we’re very excited about that these days.

When I think about your third birthday, it makes me think about when you were born-that seems long ago even now!  I am sure that I have told you many times, probably in your teenage years, about when you were born.  What I said was true though.  You were 20 3/4 inches long and only 7 pounds 14 ounces.  You were so tiny you had to wear premie clothes home from the hospital and fit between my elbow and my finger tips.  Of course I was in active labor 23 hours and 47 minutes and you had a 14.5 inch head-you’ll understand when you and your wife have children.  All you need to know is that means I love you very much.  I was so proud of you, and amazed by you, and loved you more than I could ever say and that feeling only gets stronger every day.

I realize that you are getting big.  You are already over half as tall as I am!  You are forming your own likes and dislikes, making your own habits, and becoming more independant every day.  I know now that you are three I will have to make sure I stop calling you “the baby” in public, because you truely aren’t a baby any more.

However, in my heart, you will always be my baby.  You have been since the day you were born, and you will be for the rest of my life.  I am so proud of you, and I love you very much.

With all my heart,

Your mom


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