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May 26, 2007

Ron Paul For Peace

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I didn’t write a Frugal Friday for this week, but I have a very good reason.  If you want to see Frugal Friday tips from the past you can see them here.

The reason that I couldn’t write a Frugal Fridays post is because I have been expremely preoccupied with Ron Paul.  It is hard for me to write about anything or anyone else lately.  For those of you who did not happen to see my last post on Ron Paul he is a Congressman from Texas, and is currently running for the GOP presidential nomination.  He is running on a traditional Constitutional platform, believing in small government and large freedoms, and is the only presidential candidate on either side of the isle who will unequivically bring our troops home within his first month or so in office.  No deadlines, no expensive and long process, just bring them home.  For more on Ron Paul’s policies, visit his website here

.The reason that I have been thinking of him lately is because of the recent debate hosted on Fox News. In that debate, Ron Paul said that the federal government’s foriegn policies are partly to blame for 9-11, something the CIA and reports on Iraq have all recognized and labeled as “blowback”.  Of course, Rudy Guiliani got “flustered” [to say the least] and said that was the “most absurd” explaination for 9-11 that he had ever heard [presumably not having read CIA and other investigative reports of 9-11 and the “War on Terror”] and also saying that Dr.Paul blamed 9-11 on the American people, not the American Federal government’s policies as Ron Paul stated.  Of course, slanderers on all sides have been trying to shoot holes in the Ron Paul campaign by saying that he blamed 9-11 on the American people-a blatantly false interpretation of what was said-and yet, despite what others are saying/implying about Ron Paul his approval rating continues to soar over the competition, leading in some polls by double-digit margins over the next competitor, and having more YouTube subscribers than any other candidate Republican or Democrat.  His support can truely be recognized in the fact that directly after the debate involving the “showdown” between Guiliani and Ron Paul Congressman Paul recieved a flood of campaign donations, proving that there truely are people out there listening and loving what he says [besides my husband and I!].

However, I was still concerned that he would not be able to get in a main stream media rebuttal to the slander that was being laid against him.  [It’s no secret that Ron Paul has been “having trouble” getting air time.]  I was very worried-until yesterday.  Yesterday Ron Paul went on Bill Maher, and it gave him the opportunity.  I was concerned, Maher is notoriously liberal, but I was still hoping for the best.

What I got was better than the best.  Not only did Bill Maher blatantly endorse Ron Paul [Calling him “his hero, and saying that if more Americans were smarter they would be voting for Ron Paul], but he criticized Guiliani’s blantant ignorance of the facts regarding what lead up to 9-11.  Ron Paul came out shining and was not only able to set the record straight, but was met with wild applause from the largely liberal Maher crowd-who even chanted “Vote Ron Paul” as he exited the stage.

I have to tell you honestly-it brought tears to my eyes to see that much support for such a great and honorable man.  It was not only nice to see that he had proved his point, but that he was being supported for it.  It is not often that Americans get behind someone that I can align with ideologically, but to know that Ron Paul has that much support is truely awesome.

Don’t forget: If you support Ron Paul, register Republican and vote for him in the primaries!! To see footage from Ron Paul on Bill Maher [broadcast last night] you can go to YouTube, where you can also visit Ron Paul’s channel which now has more than 9,000 subscribers! 


May 23, 2007

Stay Informed! *Works for Me Wednesdays*

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With the 2008 elections looming, and the debates already in full swing, it’s easy to get caught up in the limelight of the presidential election. However, even with the “big one” coming up, it’s important to remember that business as usual is still happening in Congress. They are voting on a lot of important issues at the moment [immigration comes to mind], but it’s easy to get bogged down in the search for information-especially when it comes to politics.

Here are a couple suggestions I have to keep yourself ahead of what’s happening in Washington:

*Know where to go. You can visit the House of Representatives at their website and the senate at On their respective pages you can find their session schedule, and current legislation schedules for the week. These pages are informative, but they can get a little hard to navigate so beware!

*Get more information. I recommend a more friendly place,, for finding information you can use. On this site you can not only sign up to have the voting record of your Congresspersons emailed to you. You can also search current bills, or recent bills, and get an easy to read detail of who voted for, who voted against, and who didn’t vote at all when it comes to that bill.

*Get involved! On you can write your congressman-or the president if you’re ambitious!-and let them get a little more “in touch” with the people. There are also links on that site to join groups supporting or against almost everything. If none of those float your boat, you can find a group or chatroom on almost anything using Google.

In my opinion, the key to a well-run country starts with the dilligence of it’s individual citizens. By staying informed and getting involved we let our leaders know that we not only are we watching, but that we care. Remember, it’s not just the presidential race that determines the future of our nation, but the sometimes mundane ins and outs of Congress that effect our lives on a daily basis.

Staying informed works for me! For more WFMW go to

May 22, 2007

Adventures in Pottyland *To Do About Tuesday*

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As of yet in my parenting experience, I consider myself to be successful.  My three year old son is extremely polite, a great learner and a generally happy and well behaved child.  Yes, I was definately giving myself and my husband a pat on the collective back for some excellent childrearing-in-progress.

But wait! Not so fast mommy!  What about potty training?

Never in my life have I been more frustrated with anyone or anything.  Someone once told me that potty training is like being pecked to death by a duck-slow and painful.  I am finding this to be a remarkably accurate account of the potty training experience, and I definately will admit that while I was pregnant and dreaming of my cute little cuddle bug it never crossed my mind that I would be cleaning his poo off of his carpet, walls, and hair [ew!] for several months of his life.

Alas, there I am.  I have been up to my eyeballs in bodily functions for longer than I care to think of, and nothing is more frustrating than your child soiling his way through EVERY PAIR OF PANTS HE OWNS in only one single day.  For those of you not potty training yet, that translates to roughly three loads of laundry, four baths [including tub cleaning], two “wipe downs”, three sheet/blanket/pillow (yes pillow!) changes, six carpet spot-cleanings, two toddler potty dumpings/cleanings, and five billion “Do you have to go potty?”s per day for an indeterminable amount of time.  It’s enough to make even the most patient and loving mommy think for one second that they should sell their child to the zoo-at least then he could poo wherever he’d like!

Fortunately, it does not go on forever-and you can remind yourself that someday the one who pees on your carpet will have smelly carpets of their own children’s making. Eventually [they tell me] children become successfully potty trained.  Rumor has it someday they will even wipe their own behinds.  In the mean time, what is a mommy (or daddy) to do?

*Ask around.  Everyone with children has had to potty train them at some point.  I recommend not only talking to people with adult children [your parents might have good tips!], but also people who are in the potty training trenches along with you.  Older parents might not remember what worked for them while potty training, unlike someone who is currently or has recently arm-wrestled their child into going on the potty.  You don’t have to use every suggestion, but when you’re at the end of your wits it’s nice to have some options that you don’t have to think of yourself.

*Talk to the Experts.  Talk to your pediatrician about what methods they recommend, or even what worked for their own children.  Pediatricians have hundreds of clients, so they are almost guaranteed to have good [medically sound] tips.

*Read up! Luckily for moms and dads who do not want to take their potty training toddler into public, you don’t have to go to the bookstore anymore if you don’t want to-online advice is just one Google away.  I like Dr.Green’s advice, and the advice on because they best align with my “no pressure” form of potty training.

*Vent.  Not to or on your child, but it’s definately worth talking about your frustrations.  Talk to your significant other (they’re in the same boat as you!), or to your friends and family.  While they may not like hearing about your child’s poo, they love and support you so they will fake it.  If your relatives get tired of all the potty talk, you can join online groups, like the ones on Myspace or Cafe Mom, which are not only a great place to vent, but can be an excellent place to pick up some more tips!

*Stay positive!  This is beneficial for not only your sanity, but also for your child.  If you stay upbeat and focused on the end goal [not having to clean poo off your refridgerator anymore], it will help you be more relaxed, which helps your child relax, which definately helps the whole potty training process.  Some tips I found about staying positive:

                             *Don’t listen to the Debbie Downers or the Competative Suzies.  So what if your nieghbor’s daughter was potty trained at birth? Your child will do it in their own time.

                             *Reward yourself (and your child) for successful pottying.  I personally don’t believe in candy as a reward, but use whatever works for your family.  We use stickers and/or later nap times as incentive for our son and will sometimes rent a movie or something for ourselves after a day of success.

                             *Take breaks.  Give yourself a couple minutes of down time to read an article (or a blog!) or paint your nails.  If your child potties in their pants in that five minutes, they were probably going to do it anyway. [Unless they tell you they need to go potty, in which case you jump out like a firefighter and rush them to the bathroom (as I’m sure you already do).]

Good luck, and whatever you do remember-someday this child will have to potty train their own child.  That’s a pleasant thought.

May 19, 2007

The Black Hole

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That’s my only explaination for where I’ve been.  I know that I have been gone a rediculously long time, but you’re going to have to trust that I have been extra-super busy because sadly nothing I’ve been doing is even remotely interesting enough to put into blog unlike last time I took an extended absence.  All boring stuff, all extremely time consuming….that’s about it.

I’m back now though, at least for a while.  It is my personal goal to make a To Do about Tuesday, WFMW, and a Frugal Friday post this week-here’s hoping!  You may have noticed that I have done away with everything except the main blog and the about me section-but you probably didn’t.  Don’t worry.  No one (including myself) has been posting there, so I just figured I’d clean out the clutter a little bit.  If you have any longings to see either of them back again just let me know.  I’m not against their return, I’m just trying to do some more spring cleaning around here.

Anywho, that’s the blog business for now.  I’ll try to be back later today or tomarrow to post a little something, but if not I will see you all on [To Do about] Tuesday!

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