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July 9, 2007

What’s In A Name? *To Do About Tuesday*

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When you first hear that you are pregnant what’s the first thing you think?  Okay, so maybe not the first thing you think, but probably the most fun thought-what are we going to name the baby?!

I think it is quite possible the most purely entertaining part of having children [at least so far with my 3 year old].  You get to name a person whatever you’d like.  All those names that you wish you could have been named come out of the drawer and tried on your little one-and it is SO MUCH FUN

Everyone has their own method for coming up with names, and their own way of finding names that both they and their husband can live with.  My husband and I compromised-he chose the first name for a boy and I chose the middle and then vice versa with a girl [since we’re only 7 weeks and we don’t know which we’re having yet].  Of course, we gave eachother the right to veto names we couldn’t stand or considered borderline child abuse [leading to the shoot-down of both Winnifred and Lane-sad].  You also have to consider what horrible nicknames could be associated with the name you pick.  We steer away from things that obviously rhyme with unpleasant things, or that sound extremely odd….that could only end mercilessly in the hand of first graders.

But when you think about names that you DO like, what kind of criteria do you set?  My husband just kind of likes “the ones [he] likes because they sound good” and I suspect there are a lot of people that are like that.  However, being uber-neurotic about all things baby-I have a system.  I like to pick names with meaning.  They can either have a beautiful meaning in and of themselves [our 3 year olds name means “fire of God from deep waters of the island”] or they can have meaning because they are family names which may not always have great meanings of themselves, but have personal meaning because of the person/people who bear that name. [Our 3 year old’s middle name is the same as my husband’s middle and his dad’s first].

There are so many factors that go into deciding your children’s names-how did you decide yours?


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