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July 12, 2007

Life on the Sun

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Do you know what it’s like to live on the surface of the sun?  I think I might!  It has been in the 90s all week here, and by Friday we are expecting a high of 103+.  I have had to once again cancel my first doctors appointment in order to prevent passing out before I even get to the office.  I am so glad I didn’t disrupt my MIL’s plans for Friday by having them watch our son, only to later cancel because I am a big fat wuss who will not venture outside for even a moment in 103* heat!  Even today, when it was a mere 90-something, I refused to go outside.  I huddled in my house next to the air conditioning and thanked God once again that we have one.

I love the fact that my home is climate controlled!  This is mostly because I HATE WEATHER, I hate seasons, and I hate the outdoors in general.  I don’t “do” outside and I never have.  Even as a kid I used to sit on the porch and cry if/when my parents tried to force me to go out and play. 

My main complaints about the outdoors are that I may become too hot or too cold, there may be wind which forces me to eat my my own hair and/or bugs [ew], that the outdoors tends to be the kind of dirty that gets in your skin and won’t go away, and that I really dislike the idea of encountering non-domesticated animals such as bears, cougars, and wild boars.  I also do not enjoy places that do not have creature comforts such as phones, bathtubs with hot water, beds [complete with pillows, sheets, and blankets],  electricity, and-most importantly-CLIMATE CONTROL.  I perfer to enjoy the 67* and partly cloudy whether in the middle of a parking lot with no mounds of dirt or wild animals in sight. 

If I had to live before climate control and indoor plumbing/electricity I don’t think I would have survived.  Especially not in weather like this.  I am however greatful not only for air conditioning, but for the fact that I am only 7 weeks pregnant instead of 7 months pregnant.  If I were any more pregnant than I am I would have to buy my family ear plugs to block out my incessant whining. 

I am not built to live in a place that has “seasons” and “weather”.


April 12, 2007

Hi My Name is MrsLady

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And I’m a Pinata-holic.  I was going to try to explain to you that my life got in the way of me blogging these past few days, and that’s KINDA true since we’re getting hubby road-ready again and my sister came for an inpromptu visit.  However, the real reason for my absence is that I am an addict.


Have you played this game?  It’s an XBox game that’s kind of a mix between Animal Crossing and Sims for Playstation and it is like XBox crack.  I am finding that every time I have a spare minute I want to play, and when I’m not playing I’m thinking about playing.  Even right now-the only reason I’m not playing is because my husband and my brother in law are playing a different game right now.

I’m sick.

Don’t worry though-when hubby goes on the road he takes the XBox with him.  I will be forced into withdrawls……which leaves plenty of time for blogging.

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