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March 3, 2007

Freedom from Eye-Gouging

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This is the car that my son drew.  Isn’t it fabulous?  I would rank it among the greats [Picasso P-schmasso].  Espcially when you take into consideration he is just under three and most of them were well into adulthood when their famous paintings were done. 

Of course, cars are always his best masterpieces.  He is OBSESSED with cars [which may or may not have been inherited from the man who put a seat from a VW Van in my living room] and talks about them non-stop.  And thinks about them non-stop.  And draws them non-stop.  Ever since he could grasp a pencil at about 6 months old, that child wanted to DRAW.

After the unfortunate destiny that befell our previous couch, we had to come up with an alternate solution that would allow our son to draw to his heart’s content without drawing on the living room’s content. (Ha ha ha)  Our solution?


They still have pencil like things so they develop coordination, but they don’t have all the things that make pencils bad-

*Tiny points to gouge eyes out with

*The ability to get lost (magna pens are conviniently tied to the doodle)

*The ability to draw on things other than said designated doodle.

Plus, we save a lot of trees that way.  Okay, okay.  So my motives are no where near as altruistic as that.  Truth be told, I just don’t want to pick up 500 pieces of paper a day with only one tiny doodle on each.

Of course, we still occasionally let him have pieces of paper so that he can draw for posterity.

But most of the time it’s ooooh-aaaaah-erase.


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