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August 17, 2007

I Come Bringing News!

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I am finally back!!  It has been a month since I’ve had internet and I can honestly tell you I hardly knew what to do with myself.  I have lived with internet almost all of my life and it has, over the years, become a primary source of infotainment for me.  Don’t know the phone number to that store?  Need directions?  Wonder what will the weather be like on Tuesday?  What’s happening with the Jellybean in this stage of development?   Ask the internet.  Need to write Aunt Debbie?  Send Dad a picture?  You can do it online!   Practically everything can be looked up or done online-so that’s how I do it.  You can see how being without internet is somwhat of a tragedy for me.  It’s okay though-our internet is now up and running!!

Now that I’m back, I come bringing news.  As you may have read in one of the latest blogs we had our first doctor’s appointment, and we scheduled our first ultrasound.  We did our first ultrasound in July [picture below].  Jellybean looked so cute [to us] but the baby’s size made them change my due date to March 7th, 2008-making me 11 weeks today rather than almost 13.  Oh well, we can roll with it.  We are very excited about our appointment at the end of this month where we will probably get to hear Jellybean’s heartbeat for the first time and about our appointment on October 5th, when we will get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  [We’re both keeping our fingers crossed for another boy!]

Morning sickness got a lot worse for a minute there but now it’s starting to get a little better-if still unpredictable.  I’m hoping to be completely rid of it soon~we’ll see how that goes~because other pregnancy symptoms are starting to kick in and I’d prefer to do them one at a time or as close to that as possible.  My most lovable pregnancy issue at the moment is severe exhaustion accompanied by insomnia.  It’s almost as wonderful as the morning sickness I have yet to get rid of completely.  At least I have the opportunity to judge them side-by-side.

Besides being generally hormonal and uncomfortable, we really are genuinely excited about our new baby and are all doing well here.  I will try to be back around for To Do About Tuesday later on this week.  Until then, enjoy the baby picture!



July 9, 2007

All Things Jellybean

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You may notice that the name Jellybean is floating around the blog alot lately. That is because we are PREGNANT with our second little one! I’ve decided to put all of vital Jellybean related information on one post, that way it is all handily accessable-I will keep it updated all the time with all the late breaking news. Unless something terribly exciting happens which is worthy of it’s own post-then I’ll do BOTH!

Our due date is February 25, 2008. We are now in our 7th Week!

We don’t know yet if we’re having a boy or a girl-we will find out late September to mid-October. Hence, we are calling the baby Jellybean =)

Our First Appointment is July 13th.

July 6, 2007

Fair Weather Blogger Gets Exciting

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I’ll admit it.  I was on a great roll with my blog there for a minute and then it just….kind…of…sputtered….out.  I have the deepest respect for those who can blog on a regular basis, especially those who can blog every single day.  I am a blogger of convenience at best-let’s not think of what that makes me at worst.

There have been a lot of significant life changes in the last couple of months that, while only partially to blame for my slacking, have been interesting and fun.  I’ll go in chronological order. 

Since I last blogged my husband left his travel job, but not for the reasons you’d think.  It turns out they have a problem paying him on time-or at all.  I think it’s rude-to say the least-that a bajillion dollar business can’t manage to pay people and on a regular schedule.  You’d think they’d have people for that.  While we couldn’t afford for my husband to work for free, we also couldn’t afford to have no income [I’m sure you understand how that goes] so I went back to work for a while.  I got a job that I was very happy with-that had nice pay and nice [eventual] benefits.  Unfortunately for me, my boss didn’t like young people very much and so after she told me everyday for two weeks how I “didn’t know any better because [I am] too young” and how people “my age” should not be married or have children because I will “end up divorced and unhappy in two years anyway” she eventually fired me for interestingly vague reasons.  I don’t miss that job-but we did kind of miss the money.  Alot.  Thankfully, my wonderful husband was able to get a new job at [Grocery Store] right under the manager because of his past experience, so things are going great now and he’s making MORE than he was when he was running the bakery in [Other Grocery Store].  We have a lot of confidence in [Grocery Store] because between three members of my family they have almost 40 years of experience in that company and my step mom works in the corporate office.  If they weren’t a good company I’m sure they all would have quit a long time ago.

Now to the exciting part.  We are especially excited because we just found out a week ago we are pregnant with our second baby!  We really like the timing/spacing of this baby because our Monkey will be about two weeks away from his FOURTH birthday by the time this little one is born.  We were very NOT interested in having babies close together, and we think a four year gap is just perfect!  Of course, we just want a healthy baby and would love either a boy or a girl.  However our not-so-secret personal preferance would be for another boy, unlike practically everyone in my family who has mentioned at least a dozen times in a very short time span how much they would LOVE to have a little girl in the family.  My dad just wants to make a life-size doll/play house….which we don’t have room for.  Yet another reason to have a boy! Ha ha ha.

Our estimated due date is February 25, 2008 [I’ll be 7 weeks this Monday].  We’re so happy and excited! Of course, we’ve already picked out the hosepital and ob/gyn, made a birth plan, created a list of and budget for baby items, created a hospital “emergancy plan”, and picked out names.  You have not seen obsessive compulsive until you see me pregnant-you’re looking at the woman who compiled a hand written inventory of every onesie, sleeper, and sock according to color, size, and outfits and then took five carefully planned baby bags to the hospital to have her first born!  It’s an illness-but it’s efficient!

So, I respectfully submit that while I have not been a terribly regular blogger that I am at least an interesting blogger.  And I also suggest-hopefully-that I may be on here more often now that I am not working and have something exciting to give updates about [our little Jellybean!].

I have my first prenatal appointment next Friday~I’m sure I’ll be blogging about that!  It’s a good start. =)

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