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August 17, 2007

I Come Bringing News!

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I am finally back!!  It has been a month since I’ve had internet and I can honestly tell you I hardly knew what to do with myself.  I have lived with internet almost all of my life and it has, over the years, become a primary source of infotainment for me.  Don’t know the phone number to that store?  Need directions?  Wonder what will the weather be like on Tuesday?  What’s happening with the Jellybean in this stage of development?   Ask the internet.  Need to write Aunt Debbie?  Send Dad a picture?  You can do it online!   Practically everything can be looked up or done online-so that’s how I do it.  You can see how being without internet is somwhat of a tragedy for me.  It’s okay though-our internet is now up and running!!

Now that I’m back, I come bringing news.  As you may have read in one of the latest blogs we had our first doctor’s appointment, and we scheduled our first ultrasound.  We did our first ultrasound in July [picture below].  Jellybean looked so cute [to us] but the baby’s size made them change my due date to March 7th, 2008-making me 11 weeks today rather than almost 13.  Oh well, we can roll with it.  We are very excited about our appointment at the end of this month where we will probably get to hear Jellybean’s heartbeat for the first time and about our appointment on October 5th, when we will get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  [We’re both keeping our fingers crossed for another boy!]

Morning sickness got a lot worse for a minute there but now it’s starting to get a little better-if still unpredictable.  I’m hoping to be completely rid of it soon~we’ll see how that goes~because other pregnancy symptoms are starting to kick in and I’d prefer to do them one at a time or as close to that as possible.  My most lovable pregnancy issue at the moment is severe exhaustion accompanied by insomnia.  It’s almost as wonderful as the morning sickness I have yet to get rid of completely.  At least I have the opportunity to judge them side-by-side.

Besides being generally hormonal and uncomfortable, we really are genuinely excited about our new baby and are all doing well here.  I will try to be back around for To Do About Tuesday later on this week.  Until then, enjoy the baby picture!



April 24, 2007

You’ll Never Guess What This Is

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It’s a To Do About Tuesday!  That’s right ladies and gents-I am finally around to writing one again….how many Tuesdays have passed without one?  I don’t want to think about what a neglectful blogger I’ve been lately.

One of the things I’ve been doing lately is something called “Yahoo! Answers”.  It is something that came with my email account and I’ve been ignoring for a long time, but I have gotten sucked into it lately.  It probably has something to do with my resolution not to boss people around anymore… I just dispense “advice” to complete strangers.  Which I relish.

So there you have it-this To Do about Tuesday has excerpts from my nagging advice on several topics from the world wide message boards.  Enjoy.

Q: What is the difference between romance and love? 

A: Romance is flowers and candy and wine. It’s moonlight and candlelight and dinners out. It’s going dancing or to the movies.

Love is “No hunny, go back to sleep-I’LL wake up with the baby”. Love is coming home from work and having dinner on the table waiting for you. It’s waking up in the middle of the night when your grown wife has a nightmare to turn the light on and stroke her hair until she goes to sleep. It’s rubbing your husband’s feet after he spends his 10 hour shift sweating into his boots, and NOT making him take a shower first.

Love is putting the other person’s needs before your own. It’s sacrificing together to make your life together better. It is a selfless choice you make and an action you take every single day for the benefit of someone else.

You can have romance and not love, but if you have love you can’t avoid romance.

Happily in Love for Almost 5 years

Q:If you could do life over again what would you change?

A: would do everything exactly the same. Even everything I did wrong, and everything that made my life harder. Because I wouldn’t want to accidentally undo something about my life that I love. Who knows? If I change one thing I might not have met my husband, who I couldn’t live without. Or if I changed something we might not have had our son, the most wonderful beautiful child on the planet [I’m allowed to be biased, I’m a mommy].

I am glad to have done and experienced everything I have. The good things were accomplishments that I am proud of, and the bad things taught me invaluable lessons that make my life better every day.

The only thing I could never live with is regret.

Q:Why do people expect me [a teenager]to act like an adult, but don’t let me make adult decisions?

A:Here’s the way I see it-there are stages of growing up.

Stage one is when you are an infant. You are just learning information relavant to you-you are a person, mommy and daddy are people, up is up, down is down, etc.

Stage two is from when you are a toddler until you are about 12. You are gathering basic information-basic morals [right vs. wrong], basic education [colors, shapes, numbers, how things work], etc. In this stage you learn information that is relevant not only to you in the present, but to you in the future.

Stage three is from about 13 to about 20 (I say about because every kid is different). In stage three you are a teenager, and you are practicing the information that you have learned. You are discovering the consequences and responsibility of making decisions, however your parents are still there to protect you from the things that would hurt you most. There are some decisions that seem good when you are a teenager that have long range consequences which you are just not prepared to think all the way through. It’s not a bad thing-it’s just normal. Eventually, when you’re older you’ll have a little bit more foresight and will be able to protect yourself from the things that would hurt you most. That’s when you reach stage four.

Stage four is adulthood. There is a lot of room for improvement (obviously you’re not going to be as experienced at 20 as you are at 60), but you basically understand the concept that there are far reaching consequences to your actions, and that you should take as much information into consideration as possible before you go around making decisions. At this point, your parents stop telling you what to do and start expecting you to figure it out on your own. Eventually they won’t be around to even ask anymore (I’m an adult and that thought STILL scares me!).

The thing is, just like riding a bike or playing the tuba, you have to be taught and then you have to practice what you’ve learned before you will be able to do it on your own. I know that being a teenager is frustrating, but everyone goes through it and comes out on the other side a better person for it.

Be patient. Good luck.

Ex-Teenager, Mom of 1

Q: is having kids a good idea? see a lot of people who seem miserable with kids. also for a man having a kid can be a disaster since the woman could leave, take his kid, and then he has to pay her for it. …plus with kids you have to give your life to them instead of living your own. im 24 now and not planning on having kids right this second. but i wonder if i would even want to. i see these guys in the stores with kids and they look miserable. …what do you think?

A: That’s the problem-you’re looking while they’re in the store! Taking small children to the store is worse than being strip searched at the airport and walking on hot coals with bare feet COMBINED. Small children+Stores=Disaster. Of course they look miserable!

What you DON’T see is when they go home. At home, when their baby toddles over to them and says “I love you daddy” and gives them a big kiss-and how it almost makes them cry because it’s so beautiful. At home, when the baby falls asleep in his arms and he snuggles them close. At home when his child shares his toys with his siblings all by himself and how PROUD that makes him. At home, where he plays catch with his child, or watches his kids play and realizes there is nothing more amazing and blissful than the laughter of children.

If you could see that then you would understand why having children is the most awfully beautiful, tragically wonderful thing that could ever happen to a person.

And there you have it-To Do About Tuesday….the advice edition. 

April 12, 2007

Hi My Name is MrsLady

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And I’m a Pinata-holic.  I was going to try to explain to you that my life got in the way of me blogging these past few days, and that’s KINDA true since we’re getting hubby road-ready again and my sister came for an inpromptu visit.  However, the real reason for my absence is that I am an addict.


Have you played this game?  It’s an XBox game that’s kind of a mix between Animal Crossing and Sims for Playstation and it is like XBox crack.  I am finding that every time I have a spare minute I want to play, and when I’m not playing I’m thinking about playing.  Even right now-the only reason I’m not playing is because my husband and my brother in law are playing a different game right now.

I’m sick.

Don’t worry though-when hubby goes on the road he takes the XBox with him.  I will be forced into withdrawls……which leaves plenty of time for blogging.

April 6, 2007

When Toddlers Attack

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A Guide to Your Toddler

Toddler (Messimus Maximus): 1.- noun A child between the ages of 2 and 5: “I have a toddler”  2.-noun A humanlike whirlwind of food and sharp objects: “That mess in the living room came from my toddler”

Origion of Toddlers: Babies. While deceptively cute looking and nice smelling, one day you will wake up and your baby will have transformed into a toddler-definition number two.  You will wake up to find them in the middle of the livingroom/kitchen/doghouse in a mess of their own making-usually involving food or bodily functions.  This is the first sign that you have a toddler.  Your toddler’s natural smell will be similar to that of manuer and curdled milk. 

Care of your toddler:  You will need to feed your toddler, however you must be careful and patient.  Many toddlers will rake the food you provide through their hair rather than putting it in their mouth.  Research is currently underway to determine whether toddlers in fact eat through their scalps.  Also-it may be difficult to catch a toddler long enough to feed them.  They may not run fast but they hide well.  When and if your toddler sits down to eat you may find that they are extremely picky and will eat nothing except one food item, usually cookies.  This leads to scurvy and other diseases.  It is your job to ensure that they eat balanced meals.  Tying them down is not acceptable.

In addition to feeding them you will also have to clean them (see above “natural smell of toddlers”) several times a day.  You will constantly need to wipe them down.  I recommend you carry handiwipes with you, and give them two showers a day.  Or buy a hose.

You will also need to entertain them.  Contrary to popular belief, toddlers are not long or often distracted by shiny objects unless they are large and have ends that could be used for eye gouging or reaching into light sockets.  Should you not entertain them, they will immediately begin creating their own anarchist system.  Not entertaining them also proves especially dangerous should you be brave enough to have more than one at a time.  Toddlers will form communities and become their own society-a la Lord of the Flies-which makes them especially dangerous to themselves and others.

Do not forget that along with feeding, cleaning, and entertaining them you will also be required to clothe them and provide room and board for them for approximately the next 15-20 years.

Toddler Safety:  If you have any giant plastic bubbles laying around, feel free to utilize them, although they may not prove very effective.  Toddlers have the ability to turn anything into a weapon.  It is not uncommon for teddy bears, playdough, buttons, sporks, and other common items to develop sinister uses in the hands of a child between the ages of 2 and 5.  You must watch them constantly and practice saying “NO” in a voice that causes alarm.

DANGERS OF DOMESTICATING A TODDLER:  Loss of outside interests, Loss of waistline, Loss of Sleep, Loss of Sanity, Loss of privacy, Loss of “being fun/interesting”

BENEFITS/REWARDS OF HAVING A TODDLER:  A lifetime supply of Love, Hugs, Kisses, Laughter, Macaroni Art, Mother’s/Father’s Day Cards, and a hope of someday recieving Grandchildren

When asked to share their experiences having a toddler all parents report that it is nerve wracking, frustrating, scary-and worth it.


But really-I LOVE my son.  He is an exceptionally well behaved 3 year old-when in perspective with other 3 year olds.  But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have his moments.

Do you know what it sounds like when a Yetti gets it’s finger slammed in a car door?  I imagine something like the sound my son makes when I tell him he can’t call China on the cordless phone, or he can’t have a 6th peanut butter and jelly for lunch.  (Have you ever seen PBJ & puke?  You wouldn’t be giving it to him either if you had.) It is probably also comparable with the sound of naptime, bathtime, bedtime, and I’m-so-sleepy-I-don’t-wanna-go-to-bed.

He’s sweet though.  And thoughtful.  Sometimes he’s so affectionate he actually turns into static cling.  I don’t care how much you love your child(ren) no one wants to go to the bathroom with a toddler on their lap, being patted on the head, and being reassured by their child.

“Good job!  Good job!  Gooooooood mommy!  What a good mommy!  Mommys a BIG BOY!”

That’s right-go mommy go!  Of course, my neighbors can hear me being potty trained by my son because he CANNOT CONTROL THE VOLUME OF HIS VOICE.  EVERYTHING HE SAYS SOUNDS LIKE HE IS SPEAKING THROUGH A BULL HORN.  TO HIM, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HE’S SAYING AS LONG AS HE IS YELLING IT.  I’m surprized you haven’t heard him from your house (Yes, your house-in Texas/Pennsylvania/New York/Jamaica.)

I’m trying to chalk it up to another phase-funny how kids get out of one and straight into another-you know, the three year old one?  But it’s also because he’s adjusting to hubby being on the road for work so much.  Here are some things I learned, and some solutions I found for my static clinging yetti.

-Find something they like that will hold their attention.  It sounds simple enough…..yet can be so difficult sometimes.  The whims of children are hard to predict.  Usually I start the morning by going through a list of things I am willing to do that day and seeing which ones catch his interest.

-Learn/do something new.  New things are always a big hit-at least at my house.  Play a new game, learn a new song-but whatever it is, make sure it’s something that you can live with hearing 500 times.

And last but not least-

-*Nap time is the right time* to regain your sanity.  Read a book.  Soak your feet.  Watch TV.  Bake cookies.  Blog-we all know you do!  The house will still be there for you to clean it later-before dinner or after bedtime.  Taking that little bit of time in the middle of the day gives you your own personal oasis.

My Excursion into Real Life

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Or My Adventures During Bloggy-Vacation.

I’m sorry I was gone for such a long period of time-it seems that all of a sudden without realizing it I developed a life full of things to do and well, that can certianly put the damper on a blog if you’re like me and only have so much energy-and once it’s gone it’s GONE.

The first thing I did on my blogation was go clothes shopping.  I know it sounds like fun, but for me it is really hard work.  Shopping has always been difficult for me since I’m all funky shaped-my waist is about 9 inches smaller than my hips and about 12 inches smaller than my chest,  and I also have tummy issues and proportionally longer legs-and clothes (especially dresses) are generally made for people that are one size all over.  Also because I hate lines and generally dislike taking my toddler into stores that are not absolutely necissary. Luckily for me my MIL is a fashionista (I think……I’ll admit I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds like a compliment) and I was able to find a jacket, a shirt/dress (to be worn only with pants underneath because of aforementioned legs), and a pair of summer shoes that all match my fashion M.O. -my “Fashion M.O.” being comfortable, low maintanance, and usually black for the slimming effect, not for any kind of statement. 

The reason I went shopping?  Hunny came home (finally) and so there was shopping of all kinds to get done.  His homecoming took up quite a bit of both prep time and enjoyment time after he got here (not complaining in the slightest).  We kind of like being in our own little cocoon (home) when we’re together and after not seeing eachother for so long there was a lot of catching up to do.  Not to mention that it was nice he came home because I had really been looking forward to the day the baby would stop screaming (he has had a little trauma with adjusting to daddy being gone for so long at a time).

Also, the weekend after the home coming my parents came up to visit.  That was a lot of fun-we hadn’t seen them in almost a year and I missed them like crazy.  They missed the baby like crazy.  And it “wasn’t too bad” seeing me either (according to my dad. Ha ha ha.)  We got to show them our apartment and be taken out to delicious lunch (what are parents for?) and have an all around good time.

We took advantage of both my other half and my parents being in town at the exact same time (it’s like a blue moon, I can assure you) and decided to elope.  Talk about wedding on a shoestring~but it was still very nice.  We got married in the park in a gazebo, and we had a blast.  It was last minute, and involved a lot of high-stakes plan crunching, but it was worth it.  After almost 5 years together (it’ll be 5 years in November) it’s not such a terrible thing to be “the Mrs”.  Although I will admit it was mostly for tax/life insurance/IRA purposes, it was still a nice thing to do.

See?  I left for good reasons.  And I really was so busy I just didn’t have the energy to type one word.  Don’t worry-I’m all better now and have come out with fingers flying!

March 11, 2007

Sick of Illness

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Poor, poor, poor, poor little pooh bear!  He is sooooo sick!  And I feel just awful because I gave it to him. [Good job mommy.]  I gave him a cold and of course it magnified like a thousand times because he is a baby.  (Well maybe not a baby, but he’s MY baby and he is only just under 3!)  Plus I feel extra-rotten because he is probably going to be sick on his 3rd birthday (Tuesday) and that means that no one can come over and he can’t have cake and ice cream.

He has been sick for ever four days, and it just keeps getting worse and worse.  For the last two days he doesn’t even want to eat.  I had to fight him to get him to eat a few nibbles of a waffle, one animal cracker, and half a banana.   Of course, I’ve been freaking out trying to get him to eat anything, but all he wants is juice-so I pump him full of liquids.  He has had more liquid in the last 4 days than he has had in the previous 6 months of his life.  Juice, and tea, and water, and pedialyte….his cough is terrible and he’s been running a low grade fever the whole time.  And as of yesterday he’s even developed the super poo (diarhea).

Oh, and he’s been waking up in the night like he hasn’t since he was 6 months old.  I’m serious-he has been waking up every two hours for the last four days.  Let me tell you something-when you haven’t done that in two and a half years, you get a little out of shape and you’re not quite able to “bounce back” from horribly interrupted sleep like you used to. 

I am getting sick of illness!  My symptoms?  Stomach pain from constant worrying, headache from constant wakefulness, and sore muscles from “sleeping” on the couch in a state of fire fighter like readiness. 

It has psychological symptoms too.  Sleep deprivation and constant worrying manifests in me as a loss of inner dialouge (talking to myself out loud),  attention span gaps (staring into space and “thinking” about nothing), and being mentally unable to distinguish why it is NOT okay to call my parents/inlaws/sister/hunny upwards of 3 times a day (sorry guys!). 

I should be greatful that my son hasn’t gotten really sick like this since he was about 5 months old, but I just want my baby to feel better soon, and it is making me crazy!  I don’t know how people with children that actually get sick like normal kids (once or twice a year) do it!

March 9, 2007

Hermit the Blogger

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Let’s be honest.  I was never a supremely social person.  In perspective: if you do not count hunny, or the little bear, or anyone I am related to, I have had exactly FOUR friends in my entire life-none of whom I am in contact with anymore.  Not that I don’t “aquaint” with people.  You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a person, and occasionally you are bound to hit someone you kindof-almost-know-from-that-one-place with your dead feline friend.  But if you count people that I actually had some form of “bond” with-or even people who’s names I bothered to remember-you get four. 

((The hunny on the other hand, is like the Prom King of social skills comparitively speaking.  Of course, there are dogs with better social skills than I so it’s not exactly saying much. [They keep friends for life!]  However, I do think that he is especially more social than the average person because people genuinely seem to like him and even say hi to him when they see him in public places.  I personally try to avoid people saying hi to me in public, because they always know my name, but I never have the vaguest recollection of where I met them or any details about them, however minor.  It usually limits me to an awkwardly fake conversation.  “Hi there.  So you like this store?  That’s super.  How are you?  Super.  How is your family?  Super.  That’s great.  You have a good day.”  And I really hate fakeness.))

Anywho, back to me being socially incompetant.  I am.  I don’t know why exactly except that since I was a kid I have always perferred alone time to the company of others [exceptions being I love spending time with my other half, and with the baby].  Hunny is always encouraging me to branch out and “make eye contact” with another living being that is not in our immediate family at least once every three weeks, but I find this to be difficult, and frankly an overestimation of how much effort I am willing to put into people that I don’t know/am not related to.

“So,” you ask yourself.  “Why are you telling me how much you hate being with people?  I think I am getting slightly offended here.”  Please don’t.  I am coming to the point of this long and aimless story soon and I promise it ends very nicely in your favor.

Continuing on, recently the hunny has been promoted [yay] to a job that requires him to travel for a month or so at a time , being home only about 1 or 2 weeks in between months on the road [boo!].  This is especially difficult for me as I am as crazy for him as the day we met and miss him when he gets up in the middle of the night to pee. [Dead serious, but that’s another post.]  Also considering that he is the only person in the world I talk to about anything real.  He’s my best friend!  But if my best friend is working 12-18 hour days a couple of states away, and I despise “meeting new people”-then who am I going to talk to?  How am I going to make sure my head does not explode after weeks and weeks of having my only-half-english-speaking 3 year old to talk to?  And what about when the baby does that screaming thing?  I hate the screaming thing!  [My son-arms folded-standing in the middle of the living room shrieking at the top of his lungs completely inconsolable/undiciplinable for about 15-30 minutes at a time.  He doesn’t do it very often, but when he does!]  How will I take my mind off of the stress?

Then I discovered blogging.  The wonderful-whirly-vortex-o’-fun.  And you know what?  I LIKE virtually meeting people.  I am having a blast with my bloggy-pals, and meeting more and more bloggy pals every day!  I think it’s fun.  And while I’m certain that doesn’t count as “real” social skills-and is, in fact, probably a sign of a severe social disorder-I am certainly celebrating the fun I’m having and the new and great bloggy-friends I’m making.

Awww, see now?  I told you this ended very nicely in your favor.  Thank you for being my bloggy friend-without you my brain would explode!

March 7, 2007


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So, in honor of reaching 1,000 views on my blog I wanted to do something cool.  Here it is-my audio-biography.  What?  You are thinking.  It sounds like you’re trying to use a big word you don’t know.  And while I have done that, that’s not it this time.  This time I actually mean audio-biography….[one of the times where I make up my own word.]

It has always  been my personal opinion that one of the best ways to get to know a person is through the music that they like and identify with.  So what better way to get to know all of my new blog-friends than by sharing lists of songs that we like and think describe our lives?  It’s an audio-auto-biography!  However, that doesn’t make for a catchy headline, so I went with audio-biography.  It was either that or “blogaudiopalooza” but that is not even a word.

If you would like to make a list, I would LOVE to see it.  If you would be so kind as to include a link to this post in your list that would make me feel super-special as well as give people the opportunity to look at a lot (hopefully) of other lists and have fun and chit-chat all around!  We’ll see how successful this gets-it could take a while, so there’s not going to be a time issue on this one.

Here is my list~enjoy!  I hope to see yours soon.  (p.s.  Some of these song links will have weird videos on them because they are from YouTube and people can edit their own videos in.  For example, my son from the Cranberries has a Lord of the Rings video attached to it.  [wha?!?!]  I picked the versions I did because they were either a.)the best sound quality available or b.) the only sound clip available.  So try not to be weirded out by the videos…..maybe do something else on your screen while you listen to it.  Or something…..)

Anyway, without further ado-My Audio-Biography

Kenny Chesney:Back Where I Come From   This song is like the feeling of home to me, and reminds me of my childhood. Not like specific events in my childhood, just the feeling of childhood.

Toby Keith and Willie Nelson:Beer for My Horses   This song reminds me of my grandparents. They were good, salt-of-the-earth southerners who’s belief in God was only matched by their faith in Justice.

Death Cab for Cutie:Someday You Will Be Loved  This is a song that I would have made myself listen to as a young teenager. If it were around then, and I could travel in time.

The Cranberries:Empty   Late-teenager hood, enough said.

Weezer:Photograph  This song is about love, in a slightly different view-about how love will crush your heart but you have to keep trying. Also appropriate for my late-teen years.

Garth Brooks:Cowboy Cadillac   This song always makes me remember the fun times I had in my younger years. They may have been few and far between, but they were certainly worth remembering. *Sorry, mp3 of this song is mysteriously hard to find. The link will take you to the complete written lyrics for this song.  If you want to hear the song, you can look on Garth Brooks “Seven” CD*

Frank Sinatra:You Make Me Feel So Young  In the very beginning of my relationship with my other half, we discovered we both loved Frankie-the rest is history.

Keith Urban:Who Wouldn’t Want to be Me   A love song that came out around the time we got together….wow, that long ago?? The weird part is thinking that 2002 was FIVE YEARS AGO. That almost scares me. This is just a sample of the song, but you can find the complete lyrics here

Lauryn Hill:To Zion  This song meant a lot to me when I was pregnant with my son, and still makes me cry when I hear it.  It is all “Funky Styled” and featuring Santana in this version, but it still has the same words.  If you want to hear the “regular” version, you can hear it on Lauryn’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album. (PS-Zion is the name of her son.  Maybe you could figure that out, but I had this album since it came out and it took me a WHILE to figure that out.)

Rodney Atkins:I’ve Been Watching You   This song is about dad’s and sons. My honey teared up [the man version of crying] when he heard it (don’t tell him I told you that!). He said it’s exactly how he sees his relationship with our son.  If you’re only going to listen to one song on my list, listen to this one.

My Wish: Rascal Flats A great song from parents to kids, that always makes me think about my son. *sigh*

Ray Charles:Busted  Life is hard, and somtimes you’re just broke. [At least, we are.] But hey, on the bright side, it makes for a very nice jazz song. This is just a sample of it, but you can find the complete lyrics here

Cake:Stick Shifts and Safety Belts  The man’s son from him to me. His reasoning? He loves cars. He loves me. So naturally he loves this song and thinks its about us. It’s cute.

Alanis Morisette:Everything  My song from me to him. A little more on the gushy side, but I’m a girl.

Nat King Cole:For Sentimental Reasons  A great love song that keeps a special place for honey and I. In this instance, not sang by the King Cole himself-but the lady singing it has a very nice voice anyway!

Have fun making your own blogaudiopalooza!  [See?  Much better as audio-biography!]

March 6, 2007

Dear Me

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This blog post comes from a great idea courtesy of  MiscMum.  It seems to me like an excellent opportunity for e-therapy, plus an interesting way to find out more about the people you blog with.  I found this at Rocks in My Dryer-you can also check out her post to herself , which is very insightful and moving.

Dear Me (April 2002),

Don’t change anything.  Even if you could, which it is my personal opinion that you can’t.  I can’t?  We can’t?  What is the grammatically correct way to talk your past self? Anyway, this letter is not to try to change what you do or where you’re going.  Everything happens for a reason-let go and let God.

I guess this is really more of an FYI.  Something to prepare you.  First-DON’T PANIC.  Remember those words and live by them for the next six years (or more, we’ll see).  Trust me, you’ll need them.  But this is nothing you can’t handle.  You’ve already been through a lot.  God has gotten you this far-and He isn’t going anywhere.  You made it through your mother’s didn’t you?  Barely, but you did.  [By the way, it takes almost four years to get over that.  If you were to do something different than I did the first time around, you might consider just cutting your losses at the point you’re at now.]

So here’s your sneek peek.  I know things are going badly with your dad right now.  Things get worse before they get better-but they do get better.  You’re right when you say later that it isn’t all his fault, but you have to realize it’s not all your fault either.  Eventually you will understand that you are not responsible for everything and everyone, although it is slow in coming.  Accept living on your own.  Accept responsibility for yourself.  Don’t waste time being hurt, eventually the experience will be for the best-although I know living on your own at 16 is rough.  I’ve been there.

I’ve been a lot of places-places you are about to be.  Some of them will be scary, and filled with people who will be doing scary things.  Remember that just because you are around them doesn’t mean that you are them.  You are better than that, and you know it-deep down. 

No matter what happens, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough, or strong enough, or that you aren’t doing enough.  Be happy with all that you are able to accomplish.  Someday it will work out.

Keep your faith in people, and your loyalty to those you love-it will be difficult at times, but will be very rewarding in the end.  Many many people in the next couple of years are going to let you down.  Many many times.  You will be in a lot of almost-hopeless situations.  The keyword is almost-because nothing is ever truely hopeless.  Remember that too.

In the next couple of years, you will meet a lot of people.  Remember David.  Remember Jill.  Remember Lin.  Keep them in a special place in your heart, but be ready and able to let them go-because they will go, whether or not you are able or ready.  Don’t be disappointed or angry, it’s just how things are meant to be.  You can love them anyway, even once they’re gone.

Though you will experience a lot of disappointment and hurt, from situations and from people, God is good and gracious.  One of your most long-standing and ferverent prayers will be answered.  During most of the things that you go through, your Hero will be with you.  You will know him immediately when you see him-don’t worry.  God has already placed him in your heart, and you are already in his.  Remember that because he is your Hero doesn’t mean that he is going to be perfect, and doesn’t mean that he is going to save you from anything.  But he will be the companion to your soul, the protector of your secrets, the champion of your needs, and the keeper of all that is fragile inside you.  All he needs in return is your loyalty and your adoration-and we both know he already has that.

One last thought of hope, before you go out there and face what is coming.  Someday, not too long from now, you will know the complete manifestation of love.  You will have your own son, a beautiful reminder every day of the reasons for your life and of the way that God loves you.  Of course being a parent will be hard-but it will be the most beautiful experience of your life, and all that you ever hoped it would be.  He is healthy and happy and a wonderful little person.  He makes you understand that all in all, God has truely blessed you.

Remember that through everything-no matter what happens, you are truely blessed.  Take care of yourself, and those around you.  Keep your faith strong, and your love as far reaching and  unconditional as possible.  You may not see it immediately, but it will return to you ten times what you put out there.  Be safe and be strong.


You (2007)

March 5, 2007

Party Foul

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I have done my best to post every day during the lovely Ultimate Blog Party, and have been having a lot of fun participating. I have been fighting a minor cold, but it was working out fine.

Until today when I was blind-sided by the Mac Truck of all colds.  I NEVER get colds.  Granted, I have other health issues (I’m certainly the old gray mare at this point-ain’t what she used to be and all) but I haven’t had a cold since I was like 6 months pregnant with my son who will be 3 in a week. 

And so, due to my major party foul (illness), my posts may be a little….um…..”lacking” or “crazy”-but you’ll know that it’s simply the sinus pressure getting into my brain.

Thank goodness my M/FIL were nice enough to bring me some natural remedy yummies so that I might be able to sleep tonight-maybe.

Previously Mentioned Natural Remedy Yummies


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