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February 20, 2007

A Little Something

Filed under: Relax and Enjoy — mrslady @ 11:23 pm

Here’s something fun to do while your kids are sleeping/gone-besides visiting this site!


BASIN 1ft square and 6 inches deep (or bathtub)
EPSON SALT found at places like Rite Aid and Fred Meyer
YUMMY BATH SALTS (Optional-but good smelling)

Run water as hot as you can stand into the basin/tub. *You can use a rubbermaid box or a throw up pan (a CLEAN throw up pan-ha ha ha!). Pour about a cup of Epson salt in it. I also like to add yummy smelling bath salts (I like lilac). Soak your feet (or whole body if you’re lucky and using a tub!) for about 20 minutes, or until you don’t like the water temperature. It doesn’t take long, but it feels SOOOOOO good! Have fun!


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