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May 26, 2007

Ron Paul For Peace

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I didn’t write a Frugal Friday for this week, but I have a very good reason.  If you want to see Frugal Friday tips from the past you can see them here.

The reason that I couldn’t write a Frugal Fridays post is because I have been expremely preoccupied with Ron Paul.  It is hard for me to write about anything or anyone else lately.  For those of you who did not happen to see my last post on Ron Paul he is a Congressman from Texas, and is currently running for the GOP presidential nomination.  He is running on a traditional Constitutional platform, believing in small government and large freedoms, and is the only presidential candidate on either side of the isle who will unequivically bring our troops home within his first month or so in office.  No deadlines, no expensive and long process, just bring them home.  For more on Ron Paul’s policies, visit his website here

.The reason that I have been thinking of him lately is because of the recent debate hosted on Fox News. In that debate, Ron Paul said that the federal government’s foriegn policies are partly to blame for 9-11, something the CIA and reports on Iraq have all recognized and labeled as “blowback”.  Of course, Rudy Guiliani got “flustered” [to say the least] and said that was the “most absurd” explaination for 9-11 that he had ever heard [presumably not having read CIA and other investigative reports of 9-11 and the “War on Terror”] and also saying that Dr.Paul blamed 9-11 on the American people, not the American Federal government’s policies as Ron Paul stated.  Of course, slanderers on all sides have been trying to shoot holes in the Ron Paul campaign by saying that he blamed 9-11 on the American people-a blatantly false interpretation of what was said-and yet, despite what others are saying/implying about Ron Paul his approval rating continues to soar over the competition, leading in some polls by double-digit margins over the next competitor, and having more YouTube subscribers than any other candidate Republican or Democrat.  His support can truely be recognized in the fact that directly after the debate involving the “showdown” between Guiliani and Ron Paul Congressman Paul recieved a flood of campaign donations, proving that there truely are people out there listening and loving what he says [besides my husband and I!].

However, I was still concerned that he would not be able to get in a main stream media rebuttal to the slander that was being laid against him.  [It’s no secret that Ron Paul has been “having trouble” getting air time.]  I was very worried-until yesterday.  Yesterday Ron Paul went on Bill Maher, and it gave him the opportunity.  I was concerned, Maher is notoriously liberal, but I was still hoping for the best.

What I got was better than the best.  Not only did Bill Maher blatantly endorse Ron Paul [Calling him “his hero, and saying that if more Americans were smarter they would be voting for Ron Paul], but he criticized Guiliani’s blantant ignorance of the facts regarding what lead up to 9-11.  Ron Paul came out shining and was not only able to set the record straight, but was met with wild applause from the largely liberal Maher crowd-who even chanted “Vote Ron Paul” as he exited the stage.

I have to tell you honestly-it brought tears to my eyes to see that much support for such a great and honorable man.  It was not only nice to see that he had proved his point, but that he was being supported for it.  It is not often that Americans get behind someone that I can align with ideologically, but to know that Ron Paul has that much support is truely awesome.

Don’t forget: If you support Ron Paul, register Republican and vote for him in the primaries!! To see footage from Ron Paul on Bill Maher [broadcast last night] you can go to YouTube, where you can also visit Ron Paul’s channel which now has more than 9,000 subscribers! 


March 14, 2007

More Information

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If you are serious about voting/politics and curious about Ron Paul good news [from]:

“Congressman Ron Paul has accepted Nancy Reagan’s invitation to participate in a presidential debate to be held at the Reagan Presidential Library on May 3, 2007MSNBC will moderate and televise the 90-minute debate starting at 5:00 p.m. ET.  The debate will also be simulcast by to give citizens the opportunity to submit questions online.” [Emphasis mine]

So mark your calanders because not only can you watch this debate and see how Ron Paul feels about these issues, but you can submit your questions to him online!!!  I WILL be doing this-I hope you do too!

 ::UPDATE:: To view more information about Ron Paul, why I support him, how I’m supporting him, or how you can help, go here.

March 13, 2007

WFMW Gets Political

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Before I post about my own political persuasions and such, I would just like to say for the record that I absolutely support people’s right to feel however they feel about politics, be of whatever persuasion they choose, and disagree with any or all of what I believe.  I also want to say that I am not trying to start any fights or upset anyone, and I don’t intend for my blog to cause controversy.  I do believe, however, that politics play a crucial part of our lives, and I feel that this post is necissary for myself.  As always, feel free to disagree politely 😀

I believe that moms are a great force among society.  They are a huge part of the demographics that make up America.  It is an absolute fact that advertisers know if they want to sell something to families they have to market it to mom. 

And there is nothing more important out there that we are being “sold” on than politics.  We have politicians vying for our ear and our support-as women and as mothers.  I believe it is our duty to make responsible and thurough decisions when electing the leaders who will be shaping the world for our children and our grandchildren, and that it appeals to our conscience to find someone who represents what we believe in. 

Let me start by giving you some background on what I believe politically.  Although up until this point I have been registered independant, my leanings were most closesly aligned with the Liberetarian party.  Liberatarians basically believe that people should have absolute freedom as long as they do not use it to impose on the rights and freedoms of others (eg-It isn’t your right to steal from people, because then you are taking away their right to own property.)   However, the best way to explain what I believe is to simply say this.  I believe in the Constitution  and in the Bill of Rights absolutely and whole heartedly.  I think that they are the founding documents of our society and that the farther we get away from what is written in them, the more astray our country goes.

I am pro-life, pro-securing our borders, pro-soldier, pro-business, and pro-capitalism.  I am anti-imperialism, anti-world government, and anti-consolidated federal power.  But above all I am pro-personal liberties and believe that every person is guaranteed by contract (also known as the constitution) to the rights laid out therein.  The right to make their own decisions without the federal government or world government stepping in.

Based on my political beliefs I started the search for who exactly I was going to vote for in 2008.  And at first, the pool seemed slim and slimy.  I can honestly tell you, if it were down to the people who were “in” the race as of two days ago I would have had no choice except NOT to vote, because I couldn’t look myself in the face knowing that my vote could have put one of them in office. 

Then I ran across Ron Paul.  I had no idea who this guy was.  Appearantly his is already a representative from Texas.  This is actually beneficial in my eyes, because that means I can look up his voting record-which I did.  I have spent a couple days not saying anything but just researching this guy from top to bottom, and I can tell you this.

Ron Paul works for me, and has my vote in 2008.  Please, check out his stance on the issues and see if he works for you.  Remember, moms and women in general have a lot of pull in the political world-use it to make it better for our kids! 

For those who are concerned about voting Independant or Liberetarian, like Alli, GOOD NEWS!  Ron Paul is actually running for GOP (Republican) nomination.  I am sure, like you, he realizes the gamble associated with running for a third party.  I guess this means, I’m going to have to register Republican for the primaries…..

::UPDATE::For more information about how you can get more information go here for updates!

::UPDATE2::I have completed a basic blog about Ron Paul, his policies, why I support him, and what I am doing to support him.  If you would like information, or would like to help support please visit here.

[For more WFMW, visit Rocks in My Dryer]

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