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March 14, 2007

Okay, Okay, Last One

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I have been thinking about what I should do since this is a mommy blog, and I don’t want to overwhelm it with political debate. 

Answer?  Make another blog.

If you would like to get more information about Ron Paul, why I support him, how I am supporting him, or you would like to help, please visit my new political blog.

Now on with the mommying.


March 11, 2007

So. Wicked. Cool.

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I saw this at pensieve’s blog and I had to do it!  Mine won’t show up on wordpress all pretty like hers, but the link works 🙂  Let me know if you do your own, ’cause I would love to see it!

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March 4, 2007

The Mommy-Mobile

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It’s like the Batmobile only cooler.  With the ability to fly carry groceries, hydroplane haul children, and scale buildings play CDs, this old gal is the nicest car I’ve ever owned [not much competition, but still an honored title].

We just got her yesterday at a steal, and I am super excited for my little grocery-getter!  I have named her the Mommy-mobile.



March 2, 2007

It’s a Party!!!!

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Ultimate Blog Party

I know, I know, EVERYDAY is a party when you blog.  But this is The Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom-and I am SO excited to join in!

Soooooooooo, here’s my page.  I’m glad you came!  Take a look around 🙂  “Moms the Word” is a page all about parenting-not necissarily mommy-ing (yes, I like to make up words).  There are special pages for each age group of children that include book lists (in progress!) and Hot Topics! to talk about.  On the main page, I have more of my personal stuff-tips, stories, random musings and more.  ALL pages and posts are open for discussion~I really love to chat and love feedback.  Right now it’s just a baby (only started very recently), but someday I hope this blog turns into a great online parents’ community.

Thanks for coming and enjoy!

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