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April 6, 2007

My Excursion into Real Life

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Or My Adventures During Bloggy-Vacation.

I’m sorry I was gone for such a long period of time-it seems that all of a sudden without realizing it I developed a life full of things to do and well, that can certianly put the damper on a blog if you’re like me and only have so much energy-and once it’s gone it’s GONE.

The first thing I did on my blogation was go clothes shopping.  I know it sounds like fun, but for me it is really hard work.  Shopping has always been difficult for me since I’m all funky shaped-my waist is about 9 inches smaller than my hips and about 12 inches smaller than my chest,  and I also have tummy issues and proportionally longer legs-and clothes (especially dresses) are generally made for people that are one size all over.  Also because I hate lines and generally dislike taking my toddler into stores that are not absolutely necissary. Luckily for me my MIL is a fashionista (I think……I’ll admit I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds like a compliment) and I was able to find a jacket, a shirt/dress (to be worn only with pants underneath because of aforementioned legs), and a pair of summer shoes that all match my fashion M.O. -my “Fashion M.O.” being comfortable, low maintanance, and usually black for the slimming effect, not for any kind of statement. 

The reason I went shopping?  Hunny came home (finally) and so there was shopping of all kinds to get done.  His homecoming took up quite a bit of both prep time and enjoyment time after he got here (not complaining in the slightest).  We kind of like being in our own little cocoon (home) when we’re together and after not seeing eachother for so long there was a lot of catching up to do.  Not to mention that it was nice he came home because I had really been looking forward to the day the baby would stop screaming (he has had a little trauma with adjusting to daddy being gone for so long at a time).

Also, the weekend after the home coming my parents came up to visit.  That was a lot of fun-we hadn’t seen them in almost a year and I missed them like crazy.  They missed the baby like crazy.  And it “wasn’t too bad” seeing me either (according to my dad. Ha ha ha.)  We got to show them our apartment and be taken out to delicious lunch (what are parents for?) and have an all around good time.

We took advantage of both my other half and my parents being in town at the exact same time (it’s like a blue moon, I can assure you) and decided to elope.  Talk about wedding on a shoestring~but it was still very nice.  We got married in the park in a gazebo, and we had a blast.  It was last minute, and involved a lot of high-stakes plan crunching, but it was worth it.  After almost 5 years together (it’ll be 5 years in November) it’s not such a terrible thing to be “the Mrs”.  Although I will admit it was mostly for tax/life insurance/IRA purposes, it was still a nice thing to do.

See?  I left for good reasons.  And I really was so busy I just didn’t have the energy to type one word.  Don’t worry-I’m all better now and have come out with fingers flying!


March 14, 2007

More Information

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If you are serious about voting/politics and curious about Ron Paul good news [from]:

“Congressman Ron Paul has accepted Nancy Reagan’s invitation to participate in a presidential debate to be held at the Reagan Presidential Library on May 3, 2007MSNBC will moderate and televise the 90-minute debate starting at 5:00 p.m. ET.  The debate will also be simulcast by to give citizens the opportunity to submit questions online.” [Emphasis mine]

So mark your calanders because not only can you watch this debate and see how Ron Paul feels about these issues, but you can submit your questions to him online!!!  I WILL be doing this-I hope you do too!

 ::UPDATE:: To view more information about Ron Paul, why I support him, how I’m supporting him, or how you can help, go here.

February 20, 2007

Blog Business

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*HOT TOPICS FOR THE WEEK ARE POSTED! Visit some, visit them all, jot a little note.

*Book lists are just starting and are running a little dry (I’m still doing research on them). I will get more recommendations out soon~until then, why not add some of your own?

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